Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Volunteering Parties

Piggy-backing on my last blog post, I saw this in today's Daily Candy:

Money, Time, & Energy
What: Contact local orgs to volunteer at shelters, foster a lonely pet, serve lunch, and be part of The Holiday Project.
Why: The winter doesn’t have to feel so cold.
When: Carve out some free time.
Where: Think local.

Nonprofits: you can market this in an email or on your website as a way to encourage your donors to get involved this holiday season.
Individuals and nonprofits: you can encourage your friends to get together for a holiday party where you visit a shelter together, serve lunch, or visit institutionalized patients. Take an hour or two out of your holiday party to do one of these activities. Afterwards, you can reconvene at a bar or your home for the holiday volunteering after-party, so you don't miss out on the fun holiday baked goods or drinks and you can share stories of your time volunteering.

Merry Christmas!

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