Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Inaugural Ball

Welcome to the inaugural post of my blog! Forgive the cheesey post title, I'm new to this! I'm aiming to post once or twice a week until I get the hang of it, then we'll see if I can pick up the pace a bit. If you are a kindred spirit who loves parties, making a difference, the non-profit world, or just stumbled across the blog and find it even midly entertaining, please follow me. I'm always up for making connections (somehow the phrase "meeting people" didn't seem as applicable on the internet), so let me know that you are out there. I want to follow you, too!
Now, for my first, very basic post.
One of my favorite websites for event planning is BizBash. It's essentially an event planner's Bible. Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, LA, Miami, New York, Orlando, Toronto, and Washington are all featured cities on the website where you can find venues, caterers, suppliers, event planners, and industry news.

I told you this was going to be basic. :) However, as I learn more, I plan to make this a little more in-depth.

Thanks for reading!

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