Friday, August 6, 2010

Giving Back on Your Big Day

When I tell people that I am an event planner, they often ask me if I do weddings. I emphatically respond that I won't touch those with a 10-foot pole. :) However, one of my dearest friends is engaged, and I am attending the engagement party this weekend. So in honor of her, I am going to blog about the Bridal Garden. My coworker got married a couple of years ago and first told me about the Bridal Garden then. I love the concept, and it is a great way to use what will be the biggest party of your life to raise funds and awareness for a good cause. The Bridal Garden sells donated dresses that have been used or unused and gives the money to local charities that support education for kids. Follow this link for more information:

On another note, if you are interested in guest-blogging, please contact me at jenniferEMcole at gmail dot com.

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  1. Giving back on your big day is a noble thing to do. It reminds of that couple who have given up 98 percent of their lottery winnings.