Tuesday, April 13, 2010

House Party for the Humane Society

Here is a cool example of throwing a party to fundraise and raise awareness for a cause from The Chronicle of Philanthropy: House Parties Offer Ways for Donors to Connect With Animal Charity's Priorities

The Humane Society's "Chimp Retirement Parties" are house parties run by volunteers in order to bring attention to specific issues of humane treatment to animals. The Humane Society does this twice a year and raises about $25,000 from 1,000 people each time. They also make sure to properly equip their volunteer party-throwers (who can sign up online) with brochures, fact sheets, sign up sheets for the party, and envelopes to collect donations, although most party-attenders will donate online.

Props to the Humane Society for changing the world and throwing a party!

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