Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baking for Good and World Water Day

This week, I learned about Baking for Good, an online bakery that gives 15% of sales to the nonprofit organization of the customers' choosing. They also make "awareness ribbon cookies" and party favors for galas. I think this is a great way to add impact to your fundraisers. You can purchase desserts for your event that will actually go back into supporting your cause.

Monday was World Water Day. There were several events to commemorate the day. According to one World Water Day website, one very unique event is the "World's Longest Toilet Queue". The World's Longest Toilet Queue is an attempt to break a Guiness World Record while bringing attention to worldwide water and sanitation issues. UNICEF also recruited volunteers for the "Tap Project". One way that volunteers could help was to organize an event to raise funds for UNICEF and bring awareness to the water crisis. World Water Day is an example of a trend in the philanthropy world that I believe is a very effective one: galzanizing momentum and support around a day where volunteers can feel true ownership and impact by giving them the power to raise funds and support around their favorite cause. My incredibly smart, talented, passionate and all-around amazing friend, Mikelle, recruited me to help her with a fundraising/awareness event on the lack of access to clean water in many areas of the world. We are in the very beginning planning stages, but more details will follow soon.

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