Saturday, May 22, 2010

I wonder if anyone will be using the Lost finale as a party fundraiser? Why not collect clothes, books, canned food while you are gathered to party tomorrow?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Inspiration Abounds

I had a great time at the AIDS Walk on Sunday. There were lots of different personalities, cheerleaders, drumlines, or salsa bands at different intervals on the walk. The best part for me was on a corner of a Harlem street with a DJ blasting Michael Jackson. People walking decided randomly to bust out into a dance break for a few minutes before joining the walk again, making me feel like I was in a musical. It was pretty awesome. Twice on my walk, people leaned out of their windows and banged on pots. The experience was both fun and inspiring. The event raised $5,717,610 and 45,000 people walked. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my campaign!

In other news, I read about the Robin Hood Foundation fundraising gala in Biz Bash. The event was held at the Javitz Center had 3,600 guests including Stevie Wonder, Sting, Brian Williams, and Jimmy Fallon. This event inspired me for two reasons. First, the pictures of the decor are amazing and extremely creative. Secondly, they raised a total of $87.8 million, a personal record. Great job! That's an amazing accomplishment, especially in a recession!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

AIDS Walk New York and Fundraising Walks

I've been busy busy busy with lots of events lately, hence my small hiatus from the blog.

A friend got me involved in this year's AIDS Walk New York. I remember always wanting to take part in college but never doing it for some reason or another (most likely because it falls at the end of finals). I sadly forgot about my desire to take part until my friend, Cassandra, and her sorority sister started a team for their sorority. If you're interested in making a contribution on my donation page, click here: My AIDS Walk Donation Page

I was so impressed by the AIDS Walk fundraising seminar. Believe it or not, this is the first fundraising walk that I've taken part in. I did attend a "kick-off" event for another organization's fundraising walk last fall. However, I did not take part in that campaign because I was in the midst of my annual birthday fundraiser for charity:water and thought my energy would be better spent on one fundraiser at a time. In any case, the other organization's kick off event was largely focused on how the organization uses the funds that are raised, and also participants' reasons for being involved. This was important, however, the AIDS Walk fundraising seminar gave more of a look at ways to raise funds. I was very impressed with the presentation which included a special focus on making sure that donors make use of their company's donation match. Handouts even included a pretty comprehensive list of corporations that do a donation match. The presentation also focused on ways to creatively fundraise through events. I loved this for obvious reasons, but also because of the fact that those who are involved in a fundraising walk clearly already want to be involved in an event for a cause. Therefore, why not help these same people to raise funds by having an event of their own! Very smart idea. In the folder of fundraising materials, they included 5 double-sided pages of event fundraising ideas. I was inspired as people at the seminar raised their hands to share fundraising events they've had in the past to support the AIDS Walk, including a brunch and a yard sale. Among some of the great ideas suggested in the handouts were a silent auction, guest bartending (ask a bar if you can bartend for a night and then give all of the tips to the AIDS Walk), pie smash (ask your supervisor if people can make a donation to smash a pie in his/her face), bake sale, ask a local restaurant to donate a portion of one evening's proceeds to the AIDS Walk, and more. Kudos to the AIDS Walk and GMHC for a great fundraising strategy!